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Max & Jake on Ian/(Melanie&Wanda)/Jared threesome. (x)

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1. At dinner, the one most likely to pick up the check?
2. The one who coops out still when the night is young?
3. The one you can trust the most with a secret?

Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel on VH1 (x)

"He mocks my country!"  ”I do not I mock you!”

"He mocks my country!"  ”I do not I mock you!

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"Max has become a pretty close friend of mine. You never know what to expect going into any film whether they’re a young actor or an older actor. I think we both kind of felt that way about each other. I had heard from a confidant in the industry, a casting director, that she said ‘I love Max, he’s so great. You’re going to get along so well.’ She was absolutely right." -Jake Abel

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The Host cast at live Q&A (x)

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Max Irons and Jake Abel - Bromance

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mmh .. happy? or not? .. I do know

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Who’s your celebrity crush?

Jake Abel: Max Irons.
Max Irons: Jake Abel.


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